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MPM-1/KHK-8 and In situ TEM Workshop invited speakers



Plenary Speakers



Zhang, Ze
Zhejiang University, China (Plenary)
 "In-situ atomic resolution TEM study of anomalous mechanical property of nano-scale materials "

Ross, Frances M.
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA (Plenary+in-situ TEM workshop)
Title: "A dynamic view of nanowire growth"


Wang, Zhonglin
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (Plenary)
Title: "Nanogeneratorsas new energy technology and piezotronics for smart systems"



In situ TEM workshop



Ross, Frances M.
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, USA
Title: "The opportunities and challenges of in situ electron microscopy for liquid and vapour phase processes"
Mao, Scott X.
University of Pittsburgh and Zhejiang University
Title: "In-situ high resolution TEM on deformation process in angstrom scaled twins"

Takeda, Seiji
Osaka University, Japan
Title: "Basis of high resolution in-situ TEM in materials science"


Zandbergen, Henny W.
Delft University of Technology, Netherland 
Title: "In-situ biasing experiments of metal and semiconductor nanowires and nanobridges"



Symposium Speakers (In alphabetic order of surname)



Bai, Xuedong
Institute of Physics, CAS
Title: "Atomistic Mechanism of Lithiation of Nanomaterials as Li-ion Battery Anodes Studied by In-situ TEM"


Che, Renchao
Fu Dan University
Title: "Single magnetic nanostructure studied by analytical TEM methods"


Chen, Jianghua
Hunan University
Title: "Revisiting to the hardening precipitates in high strength aluminum alloys by state-of-the-art atomic-resolution electron microscopy"


Chen, Mingwei
Tohoku University, Japan
Title: "In situ observation using Cs-corrected TEM and fast direct electron "



Gu, Lin
Institute of Physics, CAS
Title: "Rechareable batteries and condensed matter physics"


Han, Xiaodong
Beijing University of Technology
Title: "In situ atomic scale mechanical microscopy discovering the atomistic mechanisms of plasticity in nano single crystals and grain rotation in polycrystalline metals"


Lian, Hing Hiang
The national University of Malaysia


Liao, Xiaozhou
The University of Sydney, Australia
Title: "Reversible Ferroelectric Domain Switching Induced by Electron Beam Irradiation"


Ma, En
The Johns Hopkins University, USA
Title:  "TEM demonstrates boundary-based mechanisms for plastic deformation of metals at room temperature"


Ma, Xiuliang
Institute of Metal Research, CAS
Title: "Recent progress of aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy at IMR"


Mao, Scott X.
University of Pittsburgh, USA (+in-situ TEM workshop)
Title: "In-situ TEM on monatomic metallic glasses through ultrafast liquid quenching"


Marks, Laurence
Northwestern University, USA
Title"Oxide Surfaces and Nanoparticles: from Surface to Catalysis"
Nie, Jianfeng
Monash University, Australia
Title: "Annealing strengthening in Mg alloys"


Pan, Ming
Gatan, USA
Title: "The quest for high performance TEM cameras for the 21st century"

Qin, Lu-chang
University of North Carolina, USA
Title: "Measurement of atomic friction in carbon nanotubes using in situ TEM"


Shan, Zhiwei
Xi'an Jiaotong University
Title: "In situ quantitatively probing the mechanical behavior of metallic glasses inside TEM"


Sui, Manling
Beijing University of Technology
Title: "Dynamical behaviors of metal oxides in water environmental TEM"


Sun, Litao
Southeast University
Title: "Exploring the structural evolution of sub-10nm materials at atomic scale"


Takeda, Seiji
Osaka University, Japan (+in-situ TEM workshop)
Title: "Metal nanoparticulate catalysts in reaction environments"


Wang, Jianbo
Wuhan University
Title: "Atomic scale exploration and manipulation of condensed matters under TEM"



Yang, Judith Chun
University of Pittsburgh, USA
Title: "The Surface Kinetics of the Initial Stages of Cu and Cu Alloy Oxidation"


Yu, Dapeng
School of Physics, Peking University
Title: "High Spatial/Energy Resolution Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy: Powerful tool for precise characterization of Nanostructures"


Yu, Rong
Tsinghua University
Title: "Mixed Valence of Fe on Surfaces of α-Fe2O3"


Yuan, Jun
Department of Physics, University of York, UK
Title: "From Atomic Structure to Atom Dynamics"


Zandbergen, Henny W.
Delft University of Technology, Netherland (+in-situ TEM workshop)
Title: "1-4 bar in-situ TEM experiments using MEMS-based nanoreactors"


Zhang, Shengbai
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Title: "Edges of Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides: Metallic or Semiconducting"


Zhang, Xiaofeng
Hitachi, USA
Title: "Technical Challenges for In Situ Environmental TEM"


Zhou, Weilie
University of New Orleans, USA
Title: "Characterizations of II-VI Type II Semiconductor Core/Shell Nanowire Arrays: From Photovoltaics to Photodetection"


Zhu, Ting
Institute of Technology, USA
Title: "In Situ Nanomechanics"

Zhu, Yuntian
North Carolina State University, USA
Title: "In-situ atomic-scale observation of irradiation-induced void formation and growth"


Zou, Jin
University of Queensland, Australia
Title: "Structural Features of Ternary Epitaxial III-V Nanowires Grown by MOCVD"