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Qiao Bao Zhang et al 【RSC/Energy & Environmental Science】 Harness... [2018-01-11]
J. Liu et al 【Appl. Cata.】 Promotion of catalytic selectivity on ... [2018-12-05]
L. Chen et al 【Adv. Mater.】 Nanoscale Behavior and Manipulation o... [2018-11-13]
W. Yuan et al 【Angew. Chem. Int. Edit.】 Direct In Situ TEM Visual... [2018-11-06]
H. Wang et al 【Sci. Adv.】 Discovery of log-periodic oscillations ... [2018-11-02]
Y. Zhang et al 【PNAS】 Unique size-dependent nanocatalysis reveale... [2018-10-16]
Y. Li et al 【PNAS】 Nontrivial superconductivity in topological Mo... [2018-09-18]
Qingyun Lin et al 【Nano Energy】 A new insight into continuous per... [2018-09-06]
J. Yu et al 【Angew. Chem. Int. Edit.】 Fast Gas–Solid Reaction Ki... [2018-07-06]
Qian Nan Wang et al 【AAAS/Science Advances】 Consecutive crystallo... [2018-07-04]
Xu Jie er al 【ACS/ACS Nano】 Enhancing the Strength of Graphene by... [2018-04-12]
J. Yu et al 【Angew. Chem. Int. Edit.】 Reconstruction of Supported... [2018-04-11]
W. Yuan et al 【Chem. Mater.】 Unveiling the Atomic Structures of t... [2018-01-30]
X. Zhu et al 【Nano Lett.】 A Study of Vertical Transport through G... [2018-01-04]
Wentao Yuan et al【Nano Lett】Real-Time Observation of Reconstructi... [2015-12-11]
Zhengfei Zhang【ACS Nano】Atomic-Scale Observation of Vapor–Solid ... [2015-12-09]
Ying Jiang et al【Nano Lett】Vertical/Planar Growth and Surface Ori... [2015-04-28]
Jinhua Hong et al【Nat Comm】Exploring atomic defects in molybdenum... [2015-02-19]
Wentao Yuan et al【Chem Comm】In situ observation of facet-dependen... [2014-11-11]
Jun Sun et al【Nat Mater】Liquid-like pseudoelasticity of sub-10-nm... [2014-10-12]
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